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Ghostek Hero Series Gaming Headphones, 3.5MM Jack with Microphone & Ultra Resistant Braided Cable

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Ghostek Hero Series Gaming Headphones Over-Ear | 3.5MM Jack | PC Video Gaming |120° Microphone Rotation + Mute Switch | Integrated Volume Control | Ultra Resistant Braided Cable

Sound matters for gaming, which is why you need the red Ghostek Hero Series Gaming Headphones with Microphone on your side. With the built-in microphone and clear sound, these headphones are perfect for any game you want to play, from MOBA to FPS. Stay ahead of the curve with the Hero Series.

  • 120° microphone rotation range
  •  Integrated volume controller
  •  Ultra-resistant braided cable
  • Mute switch
  •  1-year limited exchange warranty
  • A Microphone Rotation Range 120° Guarantees the Microphone Will Never Get in Your Way While You're on the Job.
  • An Integrated Volume Controller Means You Can Always Hear Whispering Enemy Agents. Keep Things Loud When You Need to Listen in, and Tone Them Down When the Explosions Start.
  • Ultra-resistant Braided Cable That Won’t Break if It Snags on the Door Mid-getaway. Accidents Happen in the Shadows. It Pays to Have Tough Gear.
  • A Mute Switch Hides Your Plans From Eavesdropping Enemies So You Can Always Get the Drop on Them. The Gear Says Silent So That You Can Stay Deadly.
  • 1-Year Limited Exchange Warranty Keeps You Covered During All Your Missions. No Need to Let a Little Bit of Damage Distract You While You’re on the Job.

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