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Ghostek Atomic Slim Clear Phone Case Cover For Apple iPhone X

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Ghostek Atomic Slim Cover For Apple iPhone X Shockproof Armor Case Ghostek Atomic Slim Armor Case for iPhone X 2X Military drop test standards Keep your investment safe with the Atomic Slim Case for iPhone X from Ghostek! This innovative phone case not only offers a drop-tested design that meets military standards, but it also features a strong aluminum alloy bumper and clear polycarbonate back—all in a slim, stylish design. The Atomic Slim Case is the ideal option when you want to keep your most precious technology protected.

  • Strong aluminum alloy bumper
  • Clear poly-carbonate back
  •  Finger-grip indent on the frame
  • Metallic button finish
  • Frame designed around the back of the phone to maximize call quality
  • 2x military drop-test standard
  • Limited lifetime exchange warranty

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