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Fab Pops Cell Phone Mount Phone Grip for dash vent mounts for smartphones and tablets

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Money Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with a Fab Pops Expansion Grip Just return for a full refund.

Use your Fab Pops as a stand for watching videos, mounts directly to magnetic vent or dash mount, taking selfies or a mobile phone grip.

We use high quality UV printing technology to print our Fab Pops no need to worry about fading or the print coming off. If you have problems with the printing just return for a full Refund.

We use a high quality rubber expansion to ensure your Fab Pop doesn't come apart from opening and closing the expansion. Allows your mobile phone to be a great kickstand without unexpected closes.

Fab Pops Expansion grips are a great asset to your mobile device. If you are looking for a great way to hold your phone with ease or taking selfies, watching videos or you just need a good cell phone stand.

Color: Black 

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